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Narasīhārāma provides resources to study Theravada Buddhism in an environment not defined by ethnic or cultural boundaries, while embracing the various cultural practices of the traditional Theravada countries. Our goal is to develop a permanent Buddhist center in central Columbus for the study of meditation and the teachings of Theravada Buddhism. We welcome anyone who is interested in joining us.
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Vesak event...
One of the most celebrated and the most important of these festivals is Visakha Puja Day or “Vesak” celebrating 3 events.These events occurred when the moon was in the Visakha (May), which is why the day is called Visakha Puja, “Puja” meaning to pay respects.
  • Birth: In the year 623 B.C. Queen Maya Devi gave birth to Prince Siddhattha on the way to her parent's home in Devadaha, while taking rest in Lumbini forest under a Sala tree.
  • Enlightenment: Siddhattha had been dwelling on the banks of the Naranjana River with five ascetic followers for six years practicing austerities. Realizing that austerities could not lead to realization he took a seat under a Bodhi tree, facing east. Establishing mindfulness of breathing he remained seated until his final breaking of the bonds of ignorance and the realization of the truth, setting himself free of all bindings and becoming a Buddha.
  • Passing Away: On reaching the village of Kusinara of the Mallas on the further side of the Hiranyavati river, the Buddha realized that his end was fast approaching. He told Ananda, his attendant, to prepare a bed for him with its head turned towards the north between two Sala trees. There he lay down for the last time. The Buddha passed from this life exactly 80 years from the day of his birth. On that day, 2549 years ago, is when the count of the years of the Buddhist Era (BE) began.

Our Sunday meditation and Dhamma discussion are welcome to everyone.

Summer at Narasiharama

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