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There will be a get-together on May 9, 2009 at Narasiharama with the abbot, Bhante Dhammadhiro from Indonesia, to celebrate Vesak.  This will also coincide with the anniversary of the first Indonesian Buddhist temple in USA.  The address of the temple is listed below:

1005 King avenue
Columbus, Ohio, 43212

The schedule for this event is as follow:

9 am: Chanting & meditation in the temple
11-1 pm: Pindapata (Food Offering to the Monks, please bring food if you can) and followed by lunch together/potluck (monastics followed by laity).
1-2 pm: Dhamma talk.
2-6 pm: Outdoor activity Whetstone Park (We will join other Buddhist communities that also celebrate Visakha) 
8-midnight: dinner & other fun activities

The schedule will be routinely updated by Narasiharama staff.