Letting Go

Most people who have good childhood memories would say, "Childhood is most wonderful period of my life. If possible, I would like to go back to that moment. " Why childhood memory is so beautiful? It’s because children are totally involved with any activities that they do and they really enjoy that moments.

In reality, nowadays people as adults also go through beautiful moments. However, the problem is that they do not realize and appreciate those moments. People tend to have lots of thoughts in his/her mind about past experiences. At the same time, one is filled with anxiety about the future. For that reason, people who suppose to fell happiness at the moment can’t realize that anymore.

In the Samyutta Nikaya 1, 5, the Buddha reminds us "Don’t regret things that already passed, don’t worry about the future, live at present, therefore one may fell peaceful."

At the time of the Buddha, a King named Pasenadi visited the monastery where the Buddha and the monks lived. In that monastery, King Pasenadi immediately fell the calm and peaceful atmosphere. Not simply because a natural and calm place, but relatively the behavior and way of life of the monks are so calm and remarkable. Greeted a monk, King Pasenadi asked, "Why in here with all the simplicity of its inhabitants can create calm and peaceful atmosphere, while I was in the kingdom despite the power and strength of the army could not seek peaceful atmosphere like this?" The monk replied, "O King, the Buddha and the monks are not worried about tomorrow, also did not regret the days that had passed. We are living in this moment, with self-control and awareness."

The idea of the story above, if we really live at present moment, let go of some expenses related to past and future, develop awareness, this time becomes very valuable. In this way, we can appreciate and enjoy the good things that we do and this is what makes us truly alive at this very moment.

Someone once said, "I want to finish high school and get into college. Then, I want to finish college and get a job. Then, I want to get married and have children. Then, I want my children to grow up and become mature, and then I can work again. Then, I want to retire. And now I’m old, I suddenly realize that I forget to live... "
So, let's live at this moment. Let go all anxieties. Keep the good courage! Stay positive. Do your best and always keep smiling.

Narasiharama, August 6th, 2010
Bhikkhu Saccadhammo